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Inside & Out - Maintenance Valet:

- includes an outside wash and leather, including doorshuts, vacuum, clean of dashboard, door panels, windows, alloy wheel clean and exterior plastic trim replenish.

(an additional £5 may be added to the price of the 1st clean).

Small Vehicles - £35

Medium Vehicles - £40

Large vehicles - £45

Alloy wheel deep clean

- £10 per wheel, all 4 wheels £30

Engine clean & shine 

- all vehicles £45


Full interior shampoo

- includes clean of fabric or leather seats, carpets, leadlining, trim, boot area, mats, dashboard and windows. It also includes an outside wash, windows cleaned and tyre enhance.

Saloon Vehicles - £90

Large vehicles - £110

Full valet (approx. 4-5 clean time)

- Vehicles are fully valeted from bonnet to boot, inside and out with shampoo, superior wax - returning the vehicle to as close to showroom condition as possible.

Saloon vehicles - £175

Large vehicles - £200

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Leather upholstery (clean only)

- clean and replenish, protect and condition 

All vehicles - £45

Exterior Polish:
a) Standard polish - £30 (all vehicle types)

b) Superior Polish
- includes clay bar treatment which removes all fallout and contaminates, bonded to the paintwork.
Saloon vehicles - £50
Large Vehicles - £55
c) Carnauba Wax
- A 4 stage process which          includes a clay bar treatment and superior        wax, then sealed with carnauba wax
Saloon vehicles - £80
Large vehicles - £85

d) Single stage machine polishing for superior paint enhancement - removes most minor scratches and returns full paintwork to as good as new, depending on the overall paint condition.
- From £225 (price on asking, vehicle may need an inspection before booking.) 
e) - Ceramic Coating -

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